A Cowl and a Cap!

So over the weekend I got the buttons to finish the cowl I was working on last week. I’m pleased to say that it came out GORGEOUS and I’m super pleased with the result!

It feels even softer and squishier than it looks, too! I can’t wait to give it to the recipient. They’re gonna LOVE IT!

Of course, I can’t go for long without SOMETHING on the needles. It makes me antsy. Since I chopped off all my hair I’m a happier person, but there are days that I really don’t feel like dealing with the bedhead. Obviously, hats are the solution to this problem. While I love a good baseball cap, they aren’t always the best solution. Happily, as a knitter with a sizable stash, I can easily rectify this lack of hat situation.

We went to visit my in-laws at the beach over the weekend and while there I cast on Graham for myself. I specifically searched out a unisex/men’s pattern as I have no hair that needs to be accommodated (I love saying that!) so don’t need the extra length that’s often worked into women’s hats. I dug out a skein of Blue Moon Fiber Arts’ Socks That Rock Mediumweight in colorway Raspberry Moose to make a lighter-weight hat. Living in Florida this will be for fashion, not warmth!
In spite of the beautiful weather and the boat races going on in the ocean, I managed a fair start! I can’t wait to finish this and wear it! 

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