Beanie Bag November 2015

Today’s post is my review of Jimmy Beans Wool Beanie Bag for the month of November. Once again, I have not been paid, nor received my bag for free in exchange for this review. These are my personal thoughts and feelings after having paid for my bag. If you’re interested in getting a Beanie Bag of your own, click here to open a new window to JBW’s site.

November’s bag was very similar to October’s, with the addition of printing on the back of the bag as well.

Same Design, different color.
Same Design, different color.
This month, the back got some printing, too!
This month, the back got some printing, too!

Note that the material is still the same, which I like. The zipper is also the same, which I didn’t. The printing on the back was a cute touch, I felt, and while I’ve not tested it, I’m sure water-soluble ink would allow you to change up what boxes you check off.

Everything in November's bag.
Everything in November’s bag.

November’s bag came with 4 samples, a sample of Soak in their Scentless formula, a pinkish-purple plastic tapestry needle, and the postcard with further info as to what’s inside. I don’t know if I pointed it out with last month’s bag, but each bag comes with a slip of paper telling you which employee wound your samples. I thought that was a nice touch.

The back of November's postcard.
The back of November’s postcard.

This month’s card (as you can see) also touches a bit upon holding different yarn weights double or triple to give you more options when knitting. This is something I enjoy doing as it gives you further options to yarn blends and colors when you use two at once.

Overall, November’s bag was very similar to October’s. I wasn’t particularly wowed by it, but I figured I’d give one more shot. After all, they say third time’s the charm!

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