Busy Weekend!

In addition to finishing off Chart 3, the mister and I did some major rearranging of the living room last night. I’m excited because we’re getting a new couch! I hate moving and rearranging, though, so it was a pain in his ass getting me to help. (Sorry, dear! I love you!)

So, I finally start the downhill side of this shawl and I’m super excited to get it blocked so I can see how pretty it is! For those who’ve never done lace, it looks like a bunch of random holes in your knitting until you block it out all nice and pretty. I can’t work on something this complicated at knitting though, so my portable weekend project will be a Boobie Beanie for a friend who just had her 3rd! (Her first boy)

Honestly, I wish I had been more confident in my knitting when Thing 2 was small, I’d have made multiples of these for him to wear! This is the next best thing, though, as I know how happy this hat will make the mama receiving it!

What exciting weekend knitting do you have going on? Let me know!

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