Can’t Blog Cat Won’t Let Me

So, I was going to post today about the various methods to knit in the round in a small circumference (which I will totally do later this week!) but apparently the eldest of the feline overlords has declared today to be “Your Hands Are For Petting And Nothing Else Day” without notifying anybody.

I’m currently typing this with one hand (my right, which is luckily my dominant) hand. This is what I’m doing with the left.

Who could say no to this face? Well, me sometimes, but not right now. 

This is Shadow. He is the oldest of our kitties at 6 years old. My grumpy old man cat has finally forgiven me for adopting the kitten last year. I know I could kick him out of my lap, but it’s so hard when he’s purring and loving on me. 
This is the hazard of knitting with kittens. Not the stolen yarn. Not the attempts to eat projects both finished and in progress. It’s the moments when they determine they need all your attention. I’m ok with this, as these are the moments I will remember for always. 
Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a cat to pet. ^_~

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