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One of the lovely unexpected benefits of being a member of a large knitting group is doing swaps. One of the groups on Ravelry I’m a member of does a yearly swap. For those unfamiliar with the type of swap I’m talking about, it’s pretty simple. The call goes out that there will be a swap and what type it will be. The two basic types are one-to-one or blind. In a one-to-one swap Person A makes a package and sends it to Person B and vice versa. In a blind swap Person A makes a package for Person C. Person B makes for Person A. Person C makes a package for Person B.

 You generally have a week or two to decide and sign up. After sign ups close, the moderators check to  make sure you’re not on the “Naughty Swapper List” (Yes, this is a real thing. It includes the usernames of people from the entire site who have flaked out or otherwise taken advantage of a swap.), and as long as you’re not listed you get the go ahead to fill out the questionnaire.

Now, some swaps have long questionnaires. Some have short questionnaires. This last swap had a medium length questionnaire and a thread where the swappers could ask questions at large. Once questionnaires are filled out, the mods work their magic of deciding who will be making a box for whom (which is a task that I don’t envy them. It must be HARD.) and secretly passing out that info as we were doing a blind swap..

That’s when the fun begins. We had a month to read questionnaire answers, read answers to various questions in the chatter thread, follow our person around Ravelry and look at their wish list, their pattern queue, and see what sort of things interest them. We make and buy and bake and craft up to our set swap amount in our allotted time frame, shove the shebang in a box, and mail it out.

This most recent swap saw my partner receive the lovely maroon cowl I posted last week as well as one of THE most fun patterns I’ve ever knit. Tiny Owl Knits Free Rapunzel! which I made in the prettiest green yarn by Malabrigo. As my swapper listed green as her favorite color, when I saw they made the colorway Lettuce in the weight I needed, I knew it was kismet. I love this pattern so much I’m going to have to make one for me.

Cabling in progress

Couch shown for size comparison

How can you not smile when you see that hat?  And my spoilee? ADORED IT! I really love swaps, not only for the joy of getting stuff (because who doesn’t love presents?) but for the joy of making things for someone who GETS IT. My guys know that I spend time and effort on what I make them and appreciate the effort. But nobody gets the love and effort like a fellow crafter. 
And I’m so happy to get to FINALLY share with you guys what has been my favorite knit this year. Here’s a pic of the gorgeous and thrilled recipient in her lovely cowl. (Hi Sharon!)