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Thoughts on Designing

It’s easy to decide “I will design a thing”! Coming up with ideas is the easiest part of almost anything you can do. It’s the doing the thing that is difficult. In addition to needing the skills, time, and materials to make whatever it is you’re making, you also need to have the confidence that you can do whatever it is you want to do. And this applies to almost anything in life, not just fiber arts.

I will design this bag. The hardest part is starting. It’s so easy to say “Today is not a good day to start. The omens/timing/mood isn’t right. Tomorrow will be better.” but the problem with that line of reasoning is that tomorrow will never come. There will be something holding you back, and that something will be you.

Unless you have a sick child, in which case go ahead with the procrastination. It’s really hard to get bodily fluids out of wool. Just, trust me on this.