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The Scraps

This is my scrap drawer. (And bonus Rupert!) Not much, right? Yeah, until you open it and see what’s inside. See this?
That is every partial skein or leftover bit of yarn I’ve worked with. Ever. As you can see some of them are mostly full while some are not more than a few dozen yards.
Why have I kept them all? Because you never know. In addition to the obvious uses (darning, colorwork, scrap blankets) they’re perfect for when a pattern calls for you to put live stitches on waste yarn.
I’ll be honest, though, that’s not why I’ve kept them all. I’ve kept them because. Yeah, it doesn’t go any farther than that. I’ll do a purge of all the old stuff I’ll never use (which is a nice way to make room for new stuff that I WILL use) and get to the drawer and my brain does this:
What craft supplies do you hold onto for no apparent reason? Have an awesome pattern that I can use on any of the non-sockweight yarn? Let me know! 🙂
In other news the shawl is going swimmingly and I’m really loving the way the whole thing is coming out. I was afraid that with the short color repeats the lace would get lost, but it’s just not so! The sweater is also moving at a sweater-like pace, but I’m in a straight stitch patch which makes it perfect tv knitting! (Or, you know, death in WoW knitting. Not that I would do that, or anything.)
Rupert is currently informing me that he is starving and I’ve never fed him in his whole life, so I guess I’ll go take care of that before I pick the shawl back up. (These things don’t knit themselves, although sometimes I wish they would!)

Let’s Talk About Stash, Baby

It’s spoken about in slightly hushed tones, sometimes accompanied by furtive looks. It’s a topic that is spoken of with awe and embarrassment. Shame and reverence. Yes, I’m talking about stash. It’s a topic that inspires more confessions and jokes than any other in the knitting and crocheting community.

I have a decent stash, if I do say so myself. With the most recent move I took the time to neatly separate, label, and store my stash. This is my stash now. Each bin and drawer neatly labeled with the type of yarn inside.

Closet stash on left and drawer stash on right. 

Which is a much easier system to search than my old stash storage (which began life as an entertainment center)
It was organized roughly according to weight. Mostly.

Obviously my stash has grown since the entertainment stand as all of those bins are full. Not bursting open full (well, not all of them) but definitely full. And yes, all my yarn is in plastic storage bags. This keeps all my yarn from each colorway together as well as keeping it safe from yarn stealing kittens. 
How do you store your stash? Are you SABLE (Stash Acquire Beyond Life Expectancy) or approaching it? Let me know in the comments! 

What’s In Your Bag?

In addition for my deep and abiding love of knitting bags (and the quest to find the perfect bag, which is eternal and ongoing) I also love notion pouches and tins. And the notions inside.

I don’t have a problem. I can quit whenever I want.

I generally keep 2 or more of these ready with what I consider the basic necessities for any pattern: scissors/yarn cutter, darning needle, spare stitch markers, nail file, crochet hook, measuring tape, row counter, highlighter/highlighter tape (which is, seriously, one of the best things ever invented when knitting from a chart if you’re forgetful like me), and a pen. If I’m doing cables I toss my cable needles in there, too.
This is my list of must haves for every project. When I start a new project I just snag a bag from their drawer and toss it in my knitting bag. This is especially handy because I never have just one WIP and I really hate trying to remember which bag has my notions pouch. I’m forgetful and it’s just less stressful to have a pouch per project. 
This is also a really handy way to put to use all the random makeup pouches I’ve gotten over the years as a gift with purchase or sample set. I don’t do much travelling and I hate to just toss out a perfectly usable bag (whether that means trash or charity shop depends on the bag and my mood at the time) so this works quite nicely. 
What do you keep in your notions pouch? Is there something I’m forgetting? Let me know in the comments! 🙂 


Wooo! We made it to Friday. I still don’t have anything new I can show you, between the secret swap I’m doing and a few other things. Instead I thought I’d share my method of remembering what yarns I’ve used and what they were used for.

I use Ravelry a lot. My stash is on there, I have a page for pretty much every project I’ve knit, and I’ve made some wonderful friends. But my brain does not process a picture on the screen the same way it does something right in front of me. Initially, I was going to sew all my gauge swatches together into a sort of remembrance blanket. Great plan…………..if I knit gauge swatches for everything.

So, here I am with every ball band of every skein of yarn I’ve knit with, and a small piece of yarn from each, and I was trying to figure out an easy way to store them tidily AND be able to reference the yarn when I needed/wanted to. I was inspired by altered journals I saw on Pinterest to create a Yarn Book.

I found a lined journal that I liked with an elastic closure. Using Elmer’s Craft Bond glue, I glue in the ball band/skein tag and a snippet of yarn. I label what I knit with that particular yarn, just to jog my memory.

 As you can see, I’m not quite halfway through the book and already the elastic loop has proven quite valuable in helping me to keep my book shut. And when this one is full, I’ll put it on my Craft Books Shelf (yes, it’s important enough to be capitalized) and buy a new journal to start the process over again!

How do you store your ball bands/yarn snippets? Or do you? Let me know in the comments!