Cleaning Day!

Today was a cleaning day, which is usually bad for my knitting progress, but GREAT for my knitting process. Knitting, like most other crafts, leaves lots of bits hanging around. Ball bands, yarn ends, copies of your pattern, empty project bag, needles, notion pouches, and darning needles all end up scattered around my desk. Keeping them to hand is great when I’m in the middle of my project, but it’s hard for me to concentrate when the bits and bobs from my last project are mocking me while I’m trying to work on my new project.

It feels great to have everything put in its place and have a neat and clean desk. Y’know, for the day or so that’ll last for, lol! And the cats are much happier, too! It makes it much easier for them to go from floor to windowsill. 🙂

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