Coming Out of the Dark

For the first time in two weeks I feel like myself. Nobody tells you that even once you have the appropriate medication to help you, you still can fall down. The important thing is to keep taking your meds until you can stand back up.

Now that I’m on my own two feet again, I realized how much I missed sharing my knitting with you all. A side effect of my ennui for the past two weeks has been that I haven’t knitted more than 2 or 3 rows on my Wurm. I hope everyone else has been knitting away, because I can’t wait to see what yours looks like.

I’m about halfway done now. I’m hoping that Florida actually gets some cold spells this year so I can wear all my fabulous new hats I’ve been knitting. I might even finish my sweater before next summer! (Ambitious, I know!)

If you are Wurm-ing along with me, post your pics or link your Rav project page in the comments! I want to go spread the love I’m feeling today with all of you who’ve waited so patiently for me!

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