Fiddly Bits

Around October of last year this Craftster post made the rounds at Reddit. Two of my very good friends (who happen to be brothers) both asked me if I could possibly please knit them one. I took a look at the pattern and included pictures in their Christmas present with the caveat that I would knit them when I got to them and don’t rush me.

I started the first one last night, and while the pattern isn’t complicated (although it did require me to do some math, dammit) it’s fiddly. This is only the 3rd stuffy I’ve ever knitted and, of course, it requires a LOT of sewing. Sewing is not my favorite thing to do in knitting. I like sewing on my sewing machine. I’ll even do a bit of hand-stitching now again.

All these fiddly bits have me roundly cursing myself as well as struggling with the internal debate of “When I finish this, should I just start right away on the other and get it out of the way? Or wait until I’m less aggravated at the fiddly bits?” Currently I’m leaning toward just knock it out and be done with it. It should be noted, though, that I haven’t sewn on the legs or tail yet.

Two down, six to go. /cry
Two down, six to go. /cry

Ultimately, I have learned a few things from this project. 1) How to do a wrap and turn short row 2) I really need to learn to crochet as that would’ve been much easier and 3) that these two friends really are knitworthy because I know that they will love these little buggers. Just as soon as they get them. 🙂

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