First Fiber Festival

This past weekend was Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, affectionately known as MDSW by its many vendors and attendees. This was my first ever festival, and it’s pretty big in the world of fiber enthusiasts. What can I say? My motto tends to be go big or go home!

There were LOTS of things I did over my weekend, so I will start with the first thing I watched once we got to the grounds. A sheep shearing demonstration. What was absolutely amazing about this demo is that the shearer did NOT use electric shears, but hand-powered shears. While he sheared another professional shearer answered questions and explained what they do and how it benefits the sheep. Here are a few of the pictures taken by me and the group of friends I went with. (More on them and what else we saw Thursday!)

Shearing by Hand

Shearing Done Shearing the sheep. The sheep didn’t make a peep!Full Coat

The full pelt after being sheared. From here it needs to be carded and spun before it can be knit or crocheted with.

Sheep backs

These guys were happily chomping on grass. They were so fluffy!Sheep

Here’s another little guy. He had already been shorn and had a blanket to keep him comfy in the drafty barn.

Sheep TrimmingThis guy was actually just getting trimmed, not sheared. He was super patient for the whole process, though.


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