Getting There

It took most of the night last night, but I’m nearly back on track with this shawl. I know it sounds odd to some people to be stressing over a deadline for a game that’s for fun, but I know me. If I don’t use this deadline to get this shawl finished it will go the way of the baby blanket that I’m working on. That I started in January. And is not even halfway done.

Honestly, though, I’m really loving this pattern. Normally if I’d had this much trouble with a pattern I’d just say “To hell with it!” and stuff it in a bag in the closet and declare it to be in time out. This, though, just makes me want to roll up my sleeves and figure out where I screwed up so I don’t do it again. Maybe lace knitting is my thing? This is only my second ever lace project, and I didn’t even know the first was lace until I’d finished it!

The first was a scarf I knit for a friend in Indianapolis. It was one of my first few projects and all I knew about lace was that it was hard. This, though, was just a pattern with a bunch of YOs and K2Tog and such. Yeah. This is how I end up doing things that are supposed to be difficult. I just jump in not knowing that it’s supposed to be difficult until I’m done with it. (If you want to see the Ravelry page for my first lace project, just click the link!)

For now, I think I have a plan to get back on track. I even remembered to account for sleeping this time! 😀 My weekend will be spent with a shawl, but I hope y’all have more exciting things in store! Fingers crossed that Monday I will have a completed shawl to show you! 🙂 Here’s where we are as of this morning:

Never fear, it’s bigger still as of this posting!

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