Goals and Time Limits

I like to set goals for my knitting. (Well, for other things as well, but let’s stick to knitting.) I choose a technique to learn or a type of pattern or item to try and go for it. Some are short term, some mid-range, and others are long term. For example, my short term goal is to knit some hats for myself to wear on the days I don’t feel like messing with my hair. Mid-range goals are to knit a sweater and work on my knitting down my stash. Long term is to learn continental in addition to the English style that I already do.

To help me meet these goals, I often impose deadlines on myself. Some of these I choose externally (I want to turn this hat in for points in the Harry Potter Knitting & Crochet House Cup, I want to finish this HUGE shawl in time for the annual Christmas party) and some are just random dates. Then I will mentally chop these deadlines into smaller deadlines. Like yesterday’s deadline, which mentally went “I can do 2 inches of 3×3 rib on US 1 needles with fingering weight yarn EASY! This hat will be done by Wed.”

Ok, now stop laughing. I managed an inch, which is great. However, when setting deadlines or goals I tend to forget that I can’t just sit and knit for the next 12 hours or so. I have to do laundry, and eat, and pay attention to my family, and feed the cats (not that the feline overlords would let me forget) and the list goes on. So set goals and deadlines for yourself by all means if it will help you! I know that if I don’t the project just kind of hangs out for months at a time with a row here and a row there while I work on shinier things. Just make sure they’re realistic or else you’ll be setting yourself up for failure.


I finished the mitts for my husband’s office buddy this weekend and gave them to him. I’m happy to report he was BEYOND thrilled with them! Before I sent them off I remembered to take a picture, so, without further delay, I give you the Green Manly Mitts!

And the aforementioned hat? Would be the Bristol Hat! I’m super excited about this pattern and this hat! And bonus! I’m using up some of my stash with it, too! YAY FOR WORKING ON GOALS!

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