I Feel Like A Rockstar

So, sadly, I did NOT finish the shawl this weekend. I’m not too upset, though, because I wowed the pants off myself in the process. Let me explain.

I made it to the next to last chart yesterday morning. When we left to run errands in the afternoon I grabbed the shawl bag, so that I could keep working while Mr. KwK drove. I finished the row I was on, and was counting stitches on the WS row when I saw it. At some point on the last RS row, I dropped a stitch. As bad as that was, it was a stitch with a decrease. A 3 stitch decrease. Slip 1, K2tog, PSSO to be precise. Shit.

I held everything perfectly still for a moment (like that was going to magically reknit the damned thing) and thought. I pulled a locking stitch marker out of my notions bag, caught the trio of miscreants, and put the whole project back in the bag. I pulled out the pattern to check, and sure enough there were NO yarn overs or decreases above the issue. Just straight knitting.

I formed a simple plan of attack. Once we got back home I grabbed my smallest crochet hook and placed all 3 stitches on it. I used my fingers to grab the stitch farthest to the right and pass it over the other two, and then worked them up as a single stitch like I would any other dropped stitch. I counted my stitches (STILL HAD THE CORRECT NUMBER, WOOT!) promptly did a little happy dance whilst declaring myself an Official Knitting Badass™.

Out of everything I’ve done so far in my knitting career this was both the scariest and the most technical. I’m still on a bit of a high that I did this. I figured it out and did it. LIKE A BOSS!

The shawl should be done by Thursday. In the meantime, this completely sums up my feelings:

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