I Knit So I Don’t Kill People

t-rex so i don't kill

It’s one of the most commonly seen/heard knitting memes lately.  It ranks right up there with “Knit fast, die warm” as far as the sheer number of items you can find with the phrase on it.

And it’s also completely, 100% true at times. Like right now. I love my kids, let me make that clear. I’m crazy about them. And right now they’re driving me there. Normally that’s not a problem. Except they haven’t let me knit today. Which is making me stabbity. (That is so a word, Google, stop arguing!)

I know they’re not doing it on purpose (even if it doesn’t feel that way) but it makes me no less inclined to irrational anger.  Of course, when I get the kids settled, it’s the cats harassing me. I CAN’T CATCH A BREAK.

So, if you come across me rocking in the corner chanting ‘Knitting, not stabbing’, you’ll know why.

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