In Which I Undertake Designing

I finished my small knit bag Stitch Bag on Ravelry to hold a thumb drive, stitch markers, or other small things. I’ve been on a real knitted bag kick lately, having knit dice bags for two close friends in addition to finishing this bag. (Seen here with the very handsome Shadow, who is graciously being a scale)

Last weekend I bought a set of gaming dice for my husband (and one for me, of course!) and told him I’d make him a dice bag as well. So tonight, I started browsing with the intention of casting on a bag for him. After much searching, I decided that none of the bags I saw really spoke to me. Instead of casting on something I’m ‘meh’ about, I decided to design a bag of my own. (With his input. It IS his bag, after all!)

As of right now a stitch pattern has been chosen, scrap sock yarn has been pulled from the “Scrap Yarn” drawer (I KNEW that would be handy), and my mind is set! Tonight I cast on to see if I can make what is in my head appear knitted in my hands. If this is successful, I promise I will post the pattern here, as well as on Ravelry!

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