Inch By Inch

When I begin any project that’s worked in the round, the cast on and first round are ALWAYS the most nerve-racking for me. I do  my best to be super careful and make sure there’s no twist. I despise having to frog 2 or 3 rows and cast on again just because I was in a hurry.

Yay! No twist!
Yay! No twist!

Happily, my little Wurm is just inching along. Cast on and first row were smooth sailing. This is going to be the perfect car/tv/dead in a raid project. Rows of stockinette with a few rows of reverse stockinette just to keep it interesting. My lace hat is also growing rapidly! Only 22 rows until it is ready to be bound off. I’m still debating on whether I should block it or not. I’m leaning toward yes, just because it IS a lace pattern and lace ALWAYS looks better after it’s been blocked. Mostly it depends on if I have a plate the correct size. How is your Wurm coming along? Did you get a twist? Did you work the cast on end in as you went so you have one less end to weave in? (Spoiler alert: I DID!) Let me know!

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