It happens to all of us…

You’re knitting along, making good progress on your project and you stop to admire your handiwork. That’s when you see it. A few rows down. A mistake. Depending on the type of mistake you have several options.

If it’s a tiny mistake you say to yourself “It’s a small, purposeful mistake to appease the yarn and knitting gods” and go on with your bad self. Because honestly, you know nobody but you will ever even know about it, and you’re not going to stress over it.

If it’s a small mistake that isn’t noticeable unless specifically pointed out and explained to another person, you proclaim it a “Design Element” and continue to knit, while vowing that next time you knit this pattern you won’t make the same mistake.

If it’s a medium mistake, you can usually drop a few stitches down to correct the mistake, and then continue on knowing that you are a certified knitting badass, obviously, because dropping those stitches was one of the SCARIEST things you’ve ever experienced as a knitter…

And then there’s what happened to me today. I’m knitting along on my lace shawl and think to myself “Y’know, these motifs aren’t really lining up the way the last several did.” So I stopped, went back and recounted. And counted again. Then I said “SHIT!” really, really loudly a few times. I screwed up and entire chart. Badly. Which means ripping back to my lifeline. No big deal, except I haven’t been putting a lifeline after each chart repeat, but every other chart repeat. Yeah.

So now I get to reknit what I’ve done over the past two days knowing that I’m supposed to have the damned thing finished (with ends woven in and blocked) by Monday. And I can’t NOT block it, because it’s lace and lace needs blocking or else it looks like a hot mess.

So if you need me, I’ll be over in the corner muttering and swearing while I frantically reknit my screw up. I’ll also remember to follow the old adage known to many a gamer which is “Save early, save often”, but in my case I’m amending it to “Lifeline early, lifeline often”! To sum up, this will be me the rest of the day:

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