Knitting Paradox

My oldest and I were talking about paradoxes this morning. He’s currently fascinated by them and was so excited to share a video he found on YouTube talking about various well-known paradoxes. Which got me thinking about the various knitting paradoxes there are. Such as:

1) All this yarn and nothing to knit – This is closely related to another paradox that I experience on a regular basis which is “Closet full of clothes and nothing to wear”. You have yarn. You KNOW you have yarn. You have MILES of yarn. But you don’t have the yarn for this pattern that you want to knit. OR you have yarn you want to knit, but no pattern for it. These are two sides of the same coin and every knitter knows this pain.

2) Deadline paradox – You have a project with a due date (commission, present, HPKCHC, test knit, whatever) and you start with plenty of time. You’re knitting like the wind! In fact, you suspect that the project MIGHT be knitting itself while you sleep as it’s working up that quickly. So you have a day when you only knit a row. Or you don’t knit it at all. That’s ok, though, because you’ve already gotten so much done. Until you realize it should be finished in 3 days and you’re only 30% done.

3) Knit faster, I’m nearly out of yarn – You’re just about done with your project. You have an inch left. Or maybe you’re about ready to bind off. And that’s when you realize, you’re nearly out of yarn. You only need a little, though. Maybe you can knit so fast that you’ll finish before your yarn realize there really isn’t enough there to get it done and thereby TRICK your skein into being long enough.

What knitting paradoxes do you encounter on a regular basis? Let me know, as it’ll give me something to do instead of knitting the shawl THAT HAS A DEADLINE, lol! 🙂

One thought on “Knitting Paradox”

  1. I know who taught you to knit faster before the yarn realizes it is too short to finish….

    The other paradox: beautiful yarn, perfect pattern, everything I need to make a gorgeous top for myself. I cast on and knit half of the back, put it down one evening and…..3 months later it is languishing on the needles begging for attention. But I just don’t feel it.
    The yarn is still beautiful. The pattern is still exactly what the yarn wants to become. Yet all I want to knit is lace scarves. Or fingerless mitts. Or dish cloths.

    My perfect project has become a nag.

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