Lace Really Does Need Lifelines

So in addition to my first sweater, I also cast on a very pretty lace shawl. (Ashton Shawlette for those curious) If I can finish it in time, it will do double duty as a Quidditch project for the HPKCHC and as a gift. Right now, though, that’s a BIG if.
You see, I forgot the cardinal rule of lace knitting: always use lifelines. The first time I made it through chart 1 before I realized I did half the decreases wrong.
The second time I made it all through chart 1 and started chart 2. I showed it to my husband (spreading it out a bit so he could see the lace pattern) and that’s when I saw it. I had dropped a stitch!
Now, had I used a lifeline, it would have been a simple matter of pulling out my needle, unraveling back to my lifeline, reinserting my needle, and reknitting that small section. Instead, I had to frog (so called because you have to rip it, rip it) the whole thing and cast on again.
Before the fatal dropped stitch occurred. RIP Round 2!
So this afternoon will see me making a journey to the closest store and purchasing a roll of dental floss to use as a lifeline. In the meantime, I’ll just be over here, sobbing quietly. (But not into my yarn, I’m using Plymouth Sakkie and don’t want to felt it!)

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