Learning to Knit

I’ve had a few people ask how to learn to knit. Now I got lucky and had a mom who teaches people to knit. Not everyone gets to be born to a knitting teacher, so here are a few ways to go about learning how to knit yourself!

My first recommendation would be to go to your local yarn store (LYS) and ask if they teach beginning knitting. The answer will most likely be yes and they will tell you when, how long the class runs for, and how much it will cost. This is not the cheapest method of learning, but (imo) it’s the best as you have someone there who can show you exactly how to do what you’re learning to do, show you how to fix mistakes, and just generally be your knitting guru. Don’t have a LYS near you? Check your local Michael’s, as they sometimes offer knitting classes, although they won’t be as often. (Generally a LYS will offer a beginning knitting class a few times a year, while a big box store might only offer it once a year.)

If learning in person is not an option for you, you still have two very viable methods. You can buy one of the MANY learn to knit books that have been published. This is great if you are the kind of person who can learn by reading and looking at diagrams. (And with some techniques this is easier for me, too!) This is handy as it gives you a concrete reference guide you can go back to again and again. (In fact I have copies of The Knitting Answer Book and The Knitter’s Companion on my official crafting books shelf and refer to them on a regular basis.)

The other option you have is Youtube videos. This is a great option if you need to see how something is done in order to do it yourself. With the wide array of channels it’s always possible to find one that best suits your learning style. Additionally, several of the major online yarn stores have Youtube channels with various tutorials listed. With so many choices there’s bound to be a good fit with your learning style, but it can be frustrating trying to wade through to find the one that works best for you.

Once you’ve learned the basics, ask around to see if there’s a local knitting group. Your public library, coffee shop, or LYS are all excellent places to check. Don’t be afraid to join if you’ve only been knitting a short time, as there are always various skill levels present in each group. Plus, it’s a great way to expand your craft, learn about new patterns, and have friends with similar interests! 🙂 If there’s no local group (and you don’t feel up to starting your own) you always have the option of joining Ravelry the largest online yarn/knitting/crocheting/spinning/dyeing forum currently in existence! With over 4 million registered users from all over the world it’s super easy to find a group that’s right for you!

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