Let’s Talk About Stash, Baby

It’s spoken about in slightly hushed tones, sometimes accompanied by furtive looks. It’s a topic that is spoken of with awe and embarrassment. Shame and reverence. Yes, I’m talking about stash. It’s a topic that inspires more confessions and jokes than any other in the knitting and crocheting community.

I have a decent stash, if I do say so myself. With the most recent move I took the time to neatly separate, label, and store my stash. This is my stash now. Each bin and drawer neatly labeled with the type of yarn inside.

Closet stash on left and drawer stash on right. 

Which is a much easier system to search than my old stash storage (which began life as an entertainment center)
It was organized roughly according to weight. Mostly.

Obviously my stash has grown since the entertainment stand as all of those bins are full. Not bursting open full (well, not all of them) but definitely full. And yes, all my yarn is in plastic storage bags. This keeps all my yarn from each colorway together as well as keeping it safe from yarn stealing kittens. 
How do you store your stash? Are you SABLE (Stash Acquire Beyond Life Expectancy) or approaching it? Let me know in the comments! 

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