Never Enough Time

I was talking to  my husband this morning about how I needed to get some knitting done today as I didn’t get nearly as much done over the weekend as I thought I would. He told me he found it funny that even though I go to a knitting group every Saturday for several hours on Monday I ALWAYS tell him about how I didn’t do as much knitting as I thought I would.

I realized it’s because my weeks are backwards to most people. The average person goes to work 5 days a week and has 2 days in which to run errands and pursue whatever leisure activities they like in greater depth than they can during the week. I, however, have the luxury of my job being to play with my kids and clean the house. (Well, I mean, I’d rather have a maid for the house, but with a medium sized apartment it’s not horrible) So I get a lot of time during the week to knit, sew, color, stare at my embroidery that is not stitching itself and on the weekend is when I get most of my adult time. (Not like that, you pervs! :P)

I did, however, get some GORGEOUS yarn this weekend that is bumping up my desire to finish this shawl and the few other things that I have promised to get done so that I can play with it. For the month of June Cephalopod Yarns (which is sadly no longer in business) did a special colorway for pride month called Barber Pole Hopper. It’s a rainbow variegate! 😀 I have no idea what to make with it, but whatever it is will be for me! 😀

Isn't it pretty?
Isn’t it pretty?

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