No Knitting Today

Sorry this post was so late today, but I have done no knitting (and couldn’t really think of what else to write about) today. I did do a bit of cleaning, but mostly I spent today sewing.

I know this isn’t a sewing blog, but I also know that us knitters usually do not limit ourselves to one craft only. I’m participating in another swap right now and decided to make a box bag for my person. So I followed this blog post and made two. One for my giftee and one for me. Mine was the guinea pig to make sure that theirs was perfect.

And while it might not be perfect, I’m pretty damned happy with it. I’m really pleased with both bags and proud of myself for stretching my sewing muscles a bit. This is the most intricate thing I’ve sewn in the past 15 years, easily. Since I know you want to see it, here is both a side view, and a top view.

bag end bag

I promise that tomorrow will be more knitting content. My wurm is moving along and I think I’ve just about gotten myself ready to knit the second face hugger!

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