Wooo! We made it to Friday. I still don’t have anything new I can show you, between the secret swap I’m doing and a few other things. Instead I thought I’d share my method of remembering what yarns I’ve used and what they were used for.

I use Ravelry a lot. My stash is on there, I have a page for pretty much every project I’ve knit, and I’ve made some wonderful friends. But my brain does not process a picture on the screen the same way it does something right in front of me. Initially, I was going to sew all my gauge swatches together into a sort of remembrance blanket. Great plan…………..if I knit gauge swatches for everything.

So, here I am with every ball band of every skein of yarn I’ve knit with, and a small piece of yarn from each, and I was trying to figure out an easy way to store them tidily AND be able to reference the yarn when I needed/wanted to. I was inspired by altered journals I saw on Pinterest to create a Yarn Book.

I found a lined journal that I liked with an elastic closure. Using Elmer’s Craft Bond glue, I glue in the ball band/skein tag and a snippet of yarn. I label what I knit with that particular yarn, just to jog my memory.

 As you can see, I’m not quite halfway through the book and already the elastic loop has proven quite valuable in helping me to keep my book shut. And when this one is full, I’ll put it on my Craft Books Shelf (yes, it’s important enough to be capitalized) and buy a new journal to start the process over again!

How do you store your ball bands/yarn snippets? Or do you? Let me know in the comments!

Technique Thursday!!

I can’t promise a new technique every Thursday (as there are only so many techniques in knitting) but today I learned something new! Emily Ocker’s Circular Cast On, shown here by the lovely people at Jimmy Bean’s Wool is something completely new to me. I try to learn something with every item I knit. It keeps me interested and helps expand my expertise.

I’m currently working on a secret project with some other people and this is the cast on needed. I was worried, but as this is the 2nd time this week I’ve come across a pattern I wanted to knit that used this cast on, I figured it was a sign.

It looks super complicated, but once you get the motion down, it’s super simple. Of course, if you have ANY experience with crochet, it will help as you use a crochet hook to do this cast on. (Never fear, though, it’s really simple)

Sorry no pics today. Don’t want to spoil the secret (and no one wants to see my currently messy desk!) but soon, my dears. There will be pics soon!

Thoughts on Designing

It’s easy to decide “I will design a thing”! Coming up with ideas is the easiest part of almost anything you can do. It’s the doing the thing that is difficult. In addition to needing the skills, time, and materials to make whatever it is you’re making, you also need to have the confidence that you can do whatever it is you want to do. And this applies to almost anything in life, not just fiber arts.

I will design this bag. The hardest part is starting. It’s so easy to say “Today is not a good day to start. The omens/timing/mood isn’t right. Tomorrow will be better.” but the problem with that line of reasoning is that tomorrow will never come. There will be something holding you back, and that something will be you.

Unless you have a sick child, in which case go ahead with the procrastination. It’s really hard to get bodily fluids out of wool. Just, trust me on this.

In Which I Undertake Designing

I finished my small knit bag Stitch Bag on Ravelry to hold a thumb drive, stitch markers, or other small things. I’ve been on a real knitted bag kick lately, having knit dice bags for two close friends in addition to finishing this bag. (Seen here with the very handsome Shadow, who is graciously being a scale)

Last weekend I bought a set of gaming dice for my husband (and one for me, of course!) and told him I’d make him a dice bag as well. So tonight, I started browsing with the intention of casting on a bag for him. After much searching, I decided that none of the bags I saw really spoke to me. Instead of casting on something I’m ‘meh’ about, I decided to design a bag of my own. (With his input. It IS his bag, after all!)

As of right now a stitch pattern has been chosen, scrap sock yarn has been pulled from the “Scrap Yarn” drawer (I KNEW that would be handy), and my mind is set! Tonight I cast on to see if I can make what is in my head appear knitted in my hands. If this is successful, I promise I will post the pattern here, as well as on Ravelry!

First Post!

First posts are kind of a big deal. I’ve been thinking about blogging about my knitting for quite awhile now. This week I’ve finally given myself the last push I needed to start, so here I am! This blog will be following my adventures in knitting. I’ve only been knitting for a few years consistently (although my mom taught me how, repeatedly, as a small child) and every project I knit I try to learn something new.

I’m currently working on a small knitted bag to store stitch markers in. I really like this pattern as it’s easily put down (handy while knitting with cats and small kids) without losing your place. I’m using Not So Sad Sacks by Sue Sedlak with some KnitPicks Wool of the Andes Worsted that’s been languishing in my stash for 3 years! Poor yarn! Ravelry project page is here.

So far with this project I’ve learned how to do a provisional cast on, as well as improving my picking up and knitting skills.

The bag so far!

So tell me, my fellow knitters, what’s on your needles right now?

The adventures of a knitting SAHM of kids and cats

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