Perfection is NOT the goal

When I first started knitting (any of the times, because it happened EVERY time) I would knit for a few rows, find a mistake or twelve, get frustrated that it wasn’t “perfect” and quit. It took me much too long to realize that perfection is NOT the goal.

The goal is to make something. The closer to the pattern/idea the happier I am, I’ll admit. Attempting to make anything by hand and have it be perfect, though? That way lies madness.

Much like people, all the best handcrafted items have some sort of flaw. And if we’re 100% honest, the maker is the ONLY person that notices the “flaw”. I’ve seen more than one post on social media that is a picture of a finished object with the maker asking “How obvious is my screw up?” and I can tell you that even after scrutiny I can NEVER find it.

So, quit trying to make it “perfect” because nobody is perfect. Make what you love in the manner that makes you happy. And know that you have flaws (which aren’t negative) so your crafted item should have at least one, too. That way it’s an accurate reflection of your beauty out in the world for others to admire.

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