For real


I decided last night to take the boys for a walk this morning to the Dunkin Donuts down the street from our house. I figured it would be fun to walk down, have breakfast, and walk back. Exercise! Donuts! Bonding!

For real
I swear this is a totally legit representation of outside my house right now.

Yeah, about that. See, it’s roughly 8,000° out and 3,000% humidity. That’s due to the fact that it’s summer in Florida. However, donuts are donuts, so we set out at about 10:15 this morning. Had I done some planning (putting on sunscreen, grabbing the stroller for tiny man) things wouldn’t have been so bad. On the plus side we did have delicious donuts for breakfast, I know that this will be an EXCELLENT place to stop for a donut/coffee and some knitting once the littlest starts VPK in the fall, and we had a wonderful good Samaritan give us a ride most of the way home on his golf cart.

Planning is just as important in knitting, although it tends to be easier. Estimating how much yarn you need, making sure the correct size needles are free, and printing out the pattern don’t seem like much work, but they’re the sort of thing that can make a project go smoothly vs running around in a panic because you have 3/4 of the project done and no more yarn.

Now that I’ve done my exercise for the day I’m going to sit and knit in the quiet A/C and not go outside again. I’ve had my fill of outside for the day! Lol.

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