Playing with Stash

I took some time today to update my Ravelry stash page. Generally I stay on top of adding in new yarns and taking their pictures as I get them. Over the weekend, though, I was gifted some new yarn and when I went to add it this morning I found 2 OTHER skeins that were hiding on my desk! (Which means it’s time for another desk cleaning, ugh)

I also went through and moved all my mostly used up yarns to the “Used” section of my stash page. I didn’t know until recently that even if you mark a project as having used an entire skein of yarn, it will still show up in your stash list as having “0 remaining”, lol.

I currently have 120 yarns stashed. That’s a lot of yarn. 30.80 miles according my Ravelry generated Excel spreadsheet. (Well, it’s 54, 213 yds, which I then converted to miles. BUT CLOSE ENOUGH, RIGHT?!) Wow. That’s a lot of yarn. And I have so many plans for lots of it. And the skeins that I don’t have plans for right now just haven’t told me what they want to be yet, is all.

The only bummer is that I have 2 skeins of yarn that I have NO IDEA what colorway they are. I know they are from a Walking Dead inspired yarn club dyed by Bohemia Fibers, but that’s all I’ve got. Pretty sure it’s DK weight yarn, but it could be worsted (they are close, after all)  and one I MIGHT have figured out by poking around Ravelry.

I think this is “The Rocker is a Walker”, but I might be wrong.  

This one, however, I am stumped on.

The top one wants to be a hat or a cowl. Not sure which yet. The bottom one is keeping mum for now. However, if anyone knows WHAT colorways these are, PLEASE tell me. I’d be ever so grateful! 🙂

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