Post Memorial Day Weekend

I finished my Graham hat over the long weekend and I adore it. I’ve already worn it twice in the three days since I finished it. It’s just the right amount of slouchy and the color is wonderful! See for yourself!

Of course, I can’t go long without knitting something, I cast on another pair of Manly Mitts. This is the third pair I’ve knit and I absolutely adore this pattern. It’s nice and quick, but not boring. The pattern is easy to memorize and it’s wonderful if you’re new to reading knitting charts! I can get 2 pairs out of a single skein of Cascade 220 and this is such a great pattern that as soon as I finish pair # 3, I’ll be casting on pair # 4. I already have recipients in mind for these, too. 
Knitting in progress

Close up of the stitch pattern
The first two pair I made went to the Mister and his boss. The next two are going to friends of his at work who are jealous. Yes, wool mitts in Florida, I know. These guys work in a data center, though and it gets COLD in there sometimes. I know these green ones will be as big a hit as the grey ones I made.
Despite this being a three day weekend, I did not get much knitting done. We spent the weekend with friends and family and just generally relaxing. It was a good weekend and now we’re heading into the home stretch of the school year (3 days to go!) and gearing up for summer vacation. I can’t wait to spend some more time with BOTH my boys. 🙂

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