Rainy Days

It’s been a rainy day here at KwK Central. And with good reason, as we’ve got our first named tropical storm of the season just off the coast.

Rainy days, generally speaking, make me go into hyper cleaning mode. So today has been spent cleaning the Things bedroom and doing laundry. Thing 2 even helped out some, which is a huge deal for him. (Usually he’ll pick up two items and then complain about being tired. Four year olds, man.)

So, while nothing has been knit so far today, since I’ve gotten more cleaning done today than I have all week I feel no guilt in declaring the rest of the day a knit day.

Really, an overcast gloomy day is the perfect kind of day to marathon a show on Netflix and knit until your stomach reminds you that man cannot live on knit alone. So that’s precisely what I plan on doing until the rest of the day! 🙂

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