Small Circumference Knitting

Knitting in the round is done, traditionally, in one of two ways. You use a set of double pointed needles (DPNs) or a pair of circular needles. Sometimes, though, you need to knit something really small around. Maybe you’re decreasing the top of a hat, or knitting baby things, or making sleeves.

For small circumferences you have 3 options. Trusty DPNs, Magic Loop, or 2 circular needles. I’m a big fan of Magic Loop and use it for just about everything. As always there are pros and cons for each method. I’ll outline each and let you make an informed decision on what’s best for you. (I also recommend trying each method a few times, at least enough to feel comfortable with it, before settling on the one that’s right for you.)

Each link will take you to a YouTube video that clearly demonstrates how to knit that method. All the pictures shown are taken just for you, friends, to show that I can do it, which means you can, too!

Two circular needles is probably (in my opinion) the easiest method
Magic Loop knitting is my hands down absolute favorite method to knit in the round for anything small. 

DPNs  which is the original method of knitting a small diameter object. 
Here’s a video that compares all three methods of knitting small circumference.

What’s your favorite method of small circumference knitting? Let me know in the comments! And happy crafting.

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