Technique Thursday!!

I can’t promise a new technique every Thursday (as there are only so many techniques in knitting) but today I learned something new! Emily Ocker’s Circular Cast On, shown here by the lovely people at Jimmy Bean’s Wool is something completely new to me. I try to learn something with every item I knit. It keeps me interested and helps expand my expertise.

I’m currently working on a secret project with some other people and this is the cast on needed. I was worried, but as this is the 2nd time this week I’ve come across a pattern I wanted to knit that used this cast on, I figured it was a sign.

It looks super complicated, but once you get the motion down, it’s super simple. Of course, if you have ANY experience with crochet, it will help as you use a crochet hook to do this cast on. (Never fear, though, it’s really simple)

Sorry no pics today. Don’t want to spoil the secret (and no one wants to see my currently messy desk!) but soon, my dears. There will be pics soon!

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