Technique Tuesday!

Like most knitters, I loathe and detest weaving in ends. (Yes, I feel that strongly about them) Generally speaking you create ends when casting on/off or joining a new ball of yarn. Today I will give you an option for each type of end to be dealt with WHILE YOU’RE KNITTING!!!
We’ll start with weaving in on your first post-cast on row! This photo tutorial I found via sock pr0n‘s blog and it seriously changed my knitting life. It’s a VERY photo intensive tutorial, so make yourself a drink or something if you need to while it loads. I promise you, though, it is TOTALLY worth it. I find myself doing this on 80% of my knits, no lie.
The other tutorial I have today is via the fabulous Jane Richmond’s YouTube channel. The double knot yarn join is one of the TWO MOST PERFECT way to join two balls of yarn together without leaving you any ends to weave in (the other being the Russian join.) It’s perfect for any yarn that you can’t necessarily divide the strands in order to join. If you can make a knot, you can do the double knot join. It’s easy peasy! (I realize I’ve talked about these two joining methods. What can I say, I really really like them!)
And for those who were wondering, the shawl is moving apace! See?

75% done!
75% done!

Also, this marks the first post since I moved from Blogger to WordPress! Hopefully, you didn’t even notice the difference, but if there’s ANYTHING missing that I didn’t notice, please feel free to let me know!

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