The One That Got Away

I was browsing through hat patterns on Ravelry last night before bed, looking for my next hat. The first picture it shows me is the one that got away and like Ahab I must chase this particular white whale…luckily I’m not likely to die knitting a hat. This is a good omen to begin with! ^_~

I first tried knitting Wurm a few months after learning to knit. In retrospect this was a terrible idea as I hadn’t learned the skills needed to knit this hat, and the pattern doesn’t lend itself to easily learning things like picking up and knitting stitches. Of course, attempting it in acrylic was my second mistake. One that I won’t make again!

One of the things I love most on Rav is the “Stash” function. I have every yarn I own, along with pictures and number of skeins, listed which makes it super easy when I’m looking at patterns to find out if I have yarn to make the pattern that I want, or if it’s an excuse to buy yarn.

I when I hit Loopy Groupie status at The Loopy Ewe a few years ago, I got a skein of beautiful purple yarn. In a fabulous coincidence it’s the exact weight I need to knit this, and I might even have enough for a pair of mitts or boot toppers to go with it! 😀

Isn't it GORGEOUS?!
Isn’t it GORGEOUS?!

This is my carrot for me. Once I finish this gorgeous shawl (which is very nearly done at this point. Only 11 rows, bind off, and blocking to go) I will give myself permission to cast on this hat for me. I’m confident that round 2 will go MUCH better.

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