The Perks of Being a Band Parent

There are many perks to being a band parent, not the least of which is the joy of listening to your child grow musically. Tonight was the last band concert of the year, so the entire family ventured out to enjoy an evening of music. One of the overlooked perks of being a band parent is the fact that you get a lot of time to knit. Generally speaking, students have to be at the auditorium 30-45 minutes before the concert begins. For me, that’s some prime knitting time. Hubby snapped a pic of my mom and I stitching away before the show began.

The concert was a huge success and I’m so proud of all that my oldest has learned this year. As much as I’ve grown in my knitting, he’s grown in his musical ability! And I look forward to many more pre-concert knitting fests! 🙂

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