The Slog

It happens. You’re knitting away on a project (or two, or more, I don’t judge!) and it hits you. You’re bored with this project. There are newer, shinier projects that you could cast on. This thing’s never gonna get finished anyway. After all, each row (or chart or section) takes FOREVER to knit.

This is where I should say “But that’s when you just gotta shoulder through the blah to get to the more interesting bit. Or the finish!” It’s hard for me to say that myself, though, when I’m in the midst of The Slog myself. It’s not that I dislike either of my projects. It’s just that there’s no end in sight right now. I have 12″ of stockinette to go on my sweater. The shawl is still fun, but there’s over 30 rows at 200+ stitches per row, so it doesn’t grow quickly enough to be exciting.

I have other things I could start. Things that people are waiting on. I know me, though, and if I start something new neither of these projects will get finished. So I will be a good knitter and shoulder through to get to newer, shinier projects.

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