This Week, Man!

This week has just been a crap week all around. The world lost an amazing comedian, a grand dame of the silver screen, and Murphy’s Law has been in full effect here at Knittin With Kittens Central.

Today, though, I got a lovely package from my sister with some souvenirs from her trip to China and a bunch of books to read. I had a chance to work on my hat while my oldest was at an optometrist appointment. And we finally found out that Thing 1 made jazz band this year! He’s been anxiously waiting all summer to find out if he was in or not. He’s got his schedule for school, his supply list, and he’s ready for school to start Monday! (Eeep!)

I can’t believe that this summer has flown by as quickly as it has. I’ll have an 8th grader on Monday and a Preschooler next month! Thing 2 is so excited to be going to school like his brother. Hopefully having a few hours to myself 4 days a week will give me some more time to do some big knitting. Like on that sweater that is staring reproachfully at me from the corner.

How has your week gone? Any good news for you? Let me know in the comments!

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