Throwback Thursday!

In the spirit of TBT, I thought I’d share the first thing I ever knit for myself. My knitting motto seems to be “Go big or go home” and true to that spirit I knit myself a shawl. Not just any shawl. I knit myself a Daybreak. A shawl, increases, colorwork, and all done with fingering weight yarn. Not what I would recommend for someone’s 4th or 5th project, but it was so pretty!

Just finished and unblocked on my coffee table.

Same shawl after blocking. I needed the dining room table to show it!

I still think this is one of my best FOs and one of the prettiest. In fact, I think I’m going to take this week and figure out how to work this into my daily wear more often. It deserves to be seen, not hidden in my closet waiting for a special occasion! 

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