Time Outs

Anyone who has kids, has been a kid, or has spent time around kids knows that time outs are an effective way to let everyone calm down and reassess the current situation. It gives you a breather and allows you to look at things from a new perspective.

Sometimes projects need to go in time out. When would a project need a time out? Maybe the pattern isn’t making sense right now.  Are you bored with the project in general? Perhaps you keep screwing up the same section over and over again. It could be the cat ate part of the yarn and you have to rip back to nearly the beginning of the shawl that you were halfway done with and you just can’t bear the thought of trying to pick up 300+ stitches right now.  Just for a few general examples.

I’ve had to put a few things into time out. So far every project I’ve had to put into time out I’ve been able to come back to and complete. Sometimes, though, the time out shows you that really the yarn needs to be made into something different or that you really don’t care for that pattern. That’s ok, too! Frogging can be very therapeutic and when you’re done you’ve got yarn to play with!

So far the longest time out a project has had was a combined 7 months (that was the Shawl of DOOOOOOM! for anyone who is curious), but I did have one other that was in time out for 4 months. What’s the longest you’ve had a project in time out for? Let me know in the comments!

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