What A Weekend!

It was a busy weekend here at KwK central! We typically have a routine for the weekend, and it goes something like this:

Friday night is major errand night. If we need to go to the mall/Target/shopping as a family, this is when it is.
Saturday is my “day off”. I go to my knitting group and hang out with my mom. Mr. KwK hangs with the boys and does dude stuff.
Sunday is laze around the house and do laundry day.

This weekend, however, was a bit more hectic. We got to spend the day Friday at Mr. KwK’s company picnic. I followed this up with a chance to hang out with some good friends (including my friend Nancy who was in town on vacation!) and spent the night at my mom’s.

A selfie with Nancy!

Yes, those are mustaches. Why? Why not?!

Knitting Crew Redux!

Saturday was pretty normal, until I got home and found out my computer had been a real bugbear for the mister. He tried to upgrade my system, and instead my computer decided it needed the hard drive wiped! O.o Luckily, he got it fixed and I can play WoW and hang out on Facebook again!

Sunday was spent redownloading my backed up files while my wonderful husband watched Netflix and dealt with allergies. (The poor thing) I also got the chance to spend some time with two of my best friends (we’ve been friends since junior high!) while our kids played at the park. 🙂

Of course, all this excitement means not a lot of knitting. I did manage to squeeze in a few more rounds on my sweater (only 12 inches to go until the sleeves!) and the chance to use my lifeline on my lace shawl. I’m on the second half of it, though, and I think I’ve got the hang of this!

How was your weekend? Anything exciting happen for you? (Hopefully your computers were all behaving!)

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