WIP Wednesday

boob 3

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a WIP Wednesday and today seemed like a good day for it. I’ve cast on for the last of the 3 baby hats for my friend in Colorado and since it’s such a fun little knit, it should be finished this evening. Then it’s on to the two face-huggers I promised as Christmas presents last year before we begin our Wurm-along!

Even though my knitting is my primary stress release, sometimes it’s hard to pick it up when I need to. Today has been a day where no one major thing has happened, but a lot of little things that just generally make me grumpy. I’ve felt like this all day:

grumpy cat no

Days like this tend to end up with me moping in front of the computer and not really accomplishing anything. Today, however, I decided that I would knit this hat because it would make me feel better. And you know what? It totally did.

So I’m going to finish this hat, and start my next project because I know that the sooner I knit them, the sooner I can treat myself with a thing for me. And that is always an awesome goal.

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