WIP Wednesday

This week finds me with more WIPs than I’ve ever had on the needless at one time! I have Huddle, Ashton Shawlette, Baby Love Diagonal Blanket, and a Face Hugger Ami! Whew!
Both of the project bags shown are from the AMAZING Slipped Stitch Studios!
I tend to be a process knitter more than a product knitter. In other words, I enjoy the knitting and learning more than being concerned with what I’m making. (Which explains why I have so few things I’ve knit for myself!) And all but one of these projects is teaching me something new and interesting. It makes it hard to choose just one!
Out of these 4 projects, only one is for me. You’d think that’d be the one I’m most anxious to work on, right? Nope! I really wish I were an octopus right now so I could work on all four at once and not have to choose! Instead of choosing I’ve been procrastinating all day. (Why hello there, Facebook games!)
Now that I’ve sat here and really thought about them, though, I know what I’m going to work on first. I have a plan of attack now (which is important in LOTS of things, not just knitting) and a clear path to follow. Now if I could just get the cats and kids to leave me alone, lol!

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