Yarn Dieting (AKA Cold Sheeping)

There comes a point where you have to go on a yarn diet. Maybe it’s due to space restrictions. It could be due to guilt. Perhaps you’ve managed to blow your yarn budget for the year on one big purchase. It happens. But going cold sheep is not for the faint of heart.

There are entire Ravelry groups and threads devoted to this. (I should know, I just joined one!) And for the dedicated crafter or general yarn enthusiast it can be every bit as difficult as losing weight. There are also so many excuses to cheat “just a little bit” that will totally do you in. I refer you to the commonly known “sock yarn doesn’t count” clause as seen in the comic below. (Which is from one of my favorite ever yarn-based web comics Worsted for Wear who had a great 3 year run.)


I personally decided that I was going cold sheep on Tuesday, July 15th. I snagged some of the last Cephalopod Yarn (which is truly a miracle) from the wonderful Eat.Sleep.Knit (who I’ll blog about another day) and decided that with that, I needed to knit some before I add to the stash. Also, I’m pretty sure my husband would notice if I bought a new Rubbermaid container. Currently all 4 of mine are full. As is the 3 drawer plastic cabinet. And the extra drawer on top.


Anyhow, I made a solemn vow to my husband and my stash that this is it for awhile. At least 6 months. I’ve built the following provisos into my yarn diet, though. I know me. This is to help ensure I stay on said yarn diet. So, my lovely knittens, here is my formal cold sheep vow, that I share with all of you:
I, Kristi, solemnly swear that I will buy no more yarn for the next 6 months barring the following exceptions. A gift certificate for yarn, buying yarn for a present for a fellow knitter, or if the CY update on Saturday has lace in blue, gray, or purple. If that last exception is met, I will only purchase 1 skein.

Have any of you gone cold sheep? Are you currently cold sheeping? How did it go/are you doing? Feel free to share your struggle with me in the comments!

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