Yarn Snobs

Yarn snob – noun – someone who is insulting to others just because they choose to use a yarn that is inexpensive (i.e. acrylic)

Yarn snobs come in all shapes and sizes. And species. In fact, the biggest yarn snobs I personally know are my cats! I can make anything I want to out of acrylic or dishcloth cotton and the cats will ignore it. I can leave it laying on a table and nothing. The MINUTE I craft with animal fiber (and ESPECIALLY alpaca) the cats are SO INTERESTED in what I’m doing.

This is Rupert. Don’t let the look fool you, as he’s the biggest offender. (And please ignore the craft desk behind him. Remember the post on cleaning? Yeah, that was pre-cleaning)

Portrait of a yarn snob

So far in his 5 years on Earth this cat has eaten part of a 100% alpaca shawl, part of a wool cowl, and attempted to steal 3 DIFFERENT ENTIRE SKEINS of yarn. One of which was bigger than his head and he managed to nab off the desk in less than 30 seconds. The brat.
Don’t let yarn snobs make you feel bad. There is a time and a place for every yarn in existence. And the beauty of so many options is you never have to work with a yarn you don’t like! So enjoy your yarn choices and learn from my mistakes. Never leave alpaca or wool WIPs where your cats can eat them!

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